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Paracetamol (acetaminophen)

Paracetamol (acetaminophen)

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About the medicine

Paracetamol is basically a medicine which is used as a pain relief drug. This is an all rounder pill which is used for so many purposes. If a person has fever, headache, muscle aches, tooth ache then they can intake this medicine. It can help you out by lowering the pain and later on leading to no pain.


There are some other purposes as well for which this medicine is used but that is not mentioned in the guide you will have to talk about it to your doctor. Many a time we are unable to reach to the health advisor or to the doctor so in such cases when you have fever and need to lower it then you can simply have this paracetamol. It helps in lowering down the effects of the disorder.

Certain safety measures

Before you have any pills make sure to talk to the doctor about it. They will always guide you with the best procedure but apart from that they will also let you know as to what should be done and what not for having this pill. There are certain safety measures which have to be followed before you take this pill. An overdose of this medicine is not at all advised. You will have to take this medicine in limit as per the recommendation of the doctor but not above the limit as it can be dangerous. The maximum amount which is suggested to the adults of this pill is 1gram that is 1000mg which is in terms of per dose and for per day the maximum limit of the dose is 4grams that is 4000mg. Make sure not to take more than 2grams of paracetamol in one day as it can be dangerous. More usage of paracetamol can cause severe harm to the liver. If you are taking any alcoholic beverages then you need to talk to the doctor about it before taking this pill. You have a history of alcoholism or you still are used to alcohol and need to intake paracetamol then make sure to tell the doctor about it firs and then have it. If you are taking this medicine and other pills as well then inform the doctor about it. Make sure that you do not take alcohol while taking this medicine as it can be dangerous.


You need to have this pill exactly as per the guidance of the doctor or as per the details given on the medicine. Your hands need to be dry when placing the tablet over the hand. After that keep the pill over your tongue and let it dissolve. Do not chew the medicine simply wait for the medicine to dissolve.

Side effects

There are certain side effects which cannot be neglected so make sure to tell the doctor about them and immediately stop taking the medicine then. Some of the side effects are low fever, nausea, stomach ache, etc.


Keep this medicine under room temperature. See to it that you place it away from the reach of direct sunrays, heat and moisture. Do not get it in touch of kids. Moreover, once you get the medicine turned outdated get it dispose to the safest place.

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