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Mobic (Meloxicam)

Mobic (Meloxicam)

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Detailed information on the disorder

This pill is basically used for the people suffering from arthritis. Arthritis is basically a problem which arises when a person faces certain joint pain in the body and when the joint pain is about everywhere. The pain may be on one single joint or on multiple joints. Arthritis arises all of a sudden or after a certain age limit.


This particular condition is very painful and causes a person more pain in the joints if not taken any cure for it. Arthritis is said to be common in women apart from men. This also arises when the person is over weighted. If a person is facing stiffness, joint pain or swelling then they might be prone to arthritis. There are so many pills and oil used for this issue but the one pill which is very famous in curing this disorder is Mobic (meloxicam).

Information on the product

This product basically cures the problem of arthritis from both men and women. The medicine is usually same for both the men and women. It basically reduces the pain and swelling from the joints. It is a product which has been approved by FDA and also causes a person to be free from this joint pain issue. Ask your doctor about this issue and let them know whether you are taking any other medicine for this problem as well.  


Every medicine has to be handled with care. You will always have to talk to the doctor about this issue. If you are allergic to any particular ingredient from the medicine then make sure to tell your doctor about it. If you also have any allergies to any sort of medicine then make sure to tell your doctor. You need to discuss your medical history to the doctor so that he can then assist you with the medication. This particular medicine tends to make you more lazy and sleepy. You need to be active to do activities like driving and other things so make sure you can do these activities after the intake of this medicine.

Side effects

Apart from making a person dizzy and too sleepy this product tends to make a person lazier so those activities which have to be performed with utmost attention should not be done while you have taken this particular medicine. This medicine also causes you certain stomach bleeding in very rare cases. To prevent dehydration you need to take plenty of fluids as per the directed advice of the doctor. If you intake alcohol and cigarettes daily along with this medicine then there is a risk of stomach bleeding so make sure to avoid having those elements.


For the dosage propose you can always refer the manual which is provided along with the medicine. Apart from that if you have any queries then make sure to talk to the doctor about it. You will have to take this medicine with a glass of water.


The medicine has to be stored under room temperature and out of reach of heat, sunlight and children.

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