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Creon (pancrelipase)

Creon (pancrelipase) Creon (pancrelipase)

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Quick Overview


CREON is one of the prescribed pills that’s aid ease the digestive function in people who fails to get digest the food easily. This happens due to the pancreas improper response or break down to create enough amounts of enzymes. Rather due to cystic fibrosis, swelling of the pancreas, which lasts for longer duration that also called (chronic pancreatitis), purging of some or the entire pancreas, or various other conditions.


CREON is likely to guide your body to get usage of fats, proteins & sugars from the foodstuff you have to taken. CREON pills comprise a grouping of digestive enzymes consisting lipases, proteases & amylases from pig pancreas. Creon consist pancrelipase an active elements & a grouping of 3 enzymes (proteins) known as lipase, protease & amylase. These enzymes get widely form by the pancreas & are found essential in the course of digesting fats, proteins & sugars. It precisely exercises to surrogate the enzymes when the body drops to clutch sufficient of its own. Such medical circumstances may likely to origin dearth of enzymes, involving cystic fibrosis, chronic distension of the pancreas, or hindrance of the pancreatic tube. Pancrelipase helps comfort the bowel movement termed as fibrosing colonopathy. This condition most of the time requires surgery course hence one has to be caring and cautious with their health conditions. One can perk up their digestive function by using Creon in a recommended manner.

The Dosage pattern of Creon

Take Creon pills precisely as prescribed by your doctor. Never dare to gulp it in over or under amount or more habitual than recommended. It is necessary to take Creon usually to get amazing advantage & to get soothe the digestive condition. Get your instruction replenished earlier you run out of the medicine entirely. Creon pills usually taken with the meals; do take it under your doctor directions. Never ever break or mash the pills. Take the pills medicine with enough amount of water. Take it with meal to let it work fabulously. Mark one thing that you have to avoid taking alcohol & smoking. Evade the usage of meal, which is loaded with cheese, oil, spices, etc. as it likely to plunge the effect of the pills. And it has also been accounted that using such holding meals impedes the digestive function. One using such kind of meals absolutely will get bear from indecent digestive function & various stomach concerns. Taking such unhealthy foodstuff mainly found laden with spices & oils that mounts the threat of stomach disorders.

Safety process to be adopted

One has to be absolute cautious with the dosage practice. Practice the pills as it has been prescribed neither in over nor in under amount. You should avoid taking Creon if in case you found sensitive of it, or if you are allergic to pork items, or in case you have an impetuous commencement of pancreatitis or failing of a lingering concern with pancreas. If, in case you are pregnant or under lactating phase just limit using creon and speak to the doctor for the assistance. Furthermore, if in case you are going under various kind of health issues or any organ allied problems such as kidney, heart gout; or an intestine problem should get disclosed to the doctor prior of using creon.

Creon side effects

Hives, tough breathing; swelling of the face, lips, tongue, or throat. Please talk to the doctor at once if you have intermittent tummy pain. This likely to measure a sign of an infrequent symptom, but may comprise a stern bowel situation.

Various common side effects includes

o    vomiting ;
o    mild tummy ache or disturb;
o    dysentery or constipation;
o    inflating or gas;
o    oleaginous stools;
o    rectal annoyance;
o    head ache, giddiness;
o    cough;
o    Weight loss.


Keep the medicine in the room temperature reach from the contact of moisture, heat, sunrays & kids.

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