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Eye Care

A proper eye care and good eye health help you to maintain your vision. To see the world you should be always extra careful about your eyes. There are many products in the market, which solve the problem of eye disorder. We all should take extra of our eyes as a minor eye problem can create a problem of blindness in the future.


Some of the common eye problems are:

Floaters, Dry Eyes, Cataracts, Tearing, Presbyopia, Corneal disease

Temporal Arteritis, Eyelid Problems, Glaucoma, Retinal Disorders, Conjunctivitis


Dry eye syndrome means the tears are not generated naturally in the eyes. The oil glands in eye are not working or are blocked so the tears evaporate quickly. Pain, Redness, Blurring of vision, itching, light sensitivity are some of the dry eye syndrome.  Artificial Tears eye drops can help to maintain the moisture in your eyes and can lubricate dry eyes.

Eye care products like Artificial tear drops, Hyperosmotics, Antihistamines, Allergy Eye Drops, Ointments, Eyewashes, Decongestants and Scrubs can solve the problem of eye disorder.

Patients suffering from hypotrichosis of eyelashes or inadequate eye lashes can purchase online Careprost (with brush). This product not only increases the growth of the eyelashes, but also makes eyelashes longer, darker and thicker. Careprost have some side effects like itching sensation in the eyes, dryness of eyes, vision changes, eyelid heaviness, redness eye and discomfort. So consult doctor before using the product and inform doctors or pharmacist about the allergies you have.

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