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Eye care mistakes you need to stop committing

Mistakes are a part and parcel of life, and we end up making mistakes at some point or the other, but sometimes we end up paying a heavy price for these mistakes. When it comes to our eyes, we sometimes end up making mistakes and end up taking our eyes for granted which is why we end up losing our eyesight or at least tend to weaken them over a… Read Article →

Get beautiful eyelashes with Careprost

The charm of long and voluminous eyelashes is undeniable, and its beauty cannot be ignored by one. Therefore, women restore to false eyelashes in order to get those beautiful eyelashes. But, What if I tell you, you can get beautiful eyelashes naturally and you would never have to invest in any false eyelashes ever. With the help of Careprost, long and voluminous eyelashes are just a drop away. Careprost is… Read Article →

Put a full stop to hair problems and prevent baldness with Cover it 2%

I think it would be safe to say that more than death, people dread and fear baldness. Even the thought of looking at yourself in the mirror and having a scalp without hair, staring right back at you scares one to death. People can face baldness due to genetics, while there is nothing much you can do to alter your genes, you can surely slow the process. Another reason why… Read Article →

How to get rid of Headache easily

“Oh! My head hurts” are the words which almost all of us have uttered at some point or the other in life. While experiencing the dreadful pain of headache, all we can think of is, when and what is it that we can do to get rid of it and that is exactly what we are going to decode. While dealing with headaches, it is important to understand that there… Read Article →

To discover what plans might in fact be available, have a visit to the area district court.

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How to stay healthy at any age

The clock keeps ticking, the more it ticks the older we get. Everyone wants to lead a long life, but it is important to have a long and healthy life indeed. What is the point of having a long life, if you have a longer list of health issues that make you dread each day? It is important to pay attention to your health, if you invest in your health… Read Article →

Foods for glowing skin

It is said, you are what you eat and this sentence is every bit true. Some people are genetically blessed with naturally healthy and glowing skin, while others have to put in an effort to achieve glowing and healthy skin but it is worth the effort. If you have glowing skin every time you look in the mirror, you will be confident and feel good about yourself. Your diet plays… Read Article →

Chakras and Christianity East Meets West

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Understanding Epilepsy Better

Epilepsy is a common neurological disorder that can affect any person from any age group. The communication between the brain and other organs is what helps our body functions. Epilepsy occurs when there is a faulty electrical activity that takes place in our brain. What causes Epilepsy? Epilepsy can be caused genetically, due to accident, stroke, tumor, head trauma, developmental disorders, infection or birth defect. What are the symptoms of… Read Article →